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Yes, I'm sorry...I meant SWTOR....and sorry the Exile server went down.
Yes, SWG does have housing lol. I think you are speaking if SWTOR right?
Housing in SWG!!!
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Cancelled all subscriptions!!!

Tevi, Aug 22, 14 5:16 PM.
Probably going back to either ESO or Skyrim even.....WildStar WAS too campy and even though the game mechanics were awesome...I can't get over the animation and sound effects....I suppose I could just turn them off however, it's just not what I'm looking for in a game to get lost in.

Messing around in Alpha of Star Citizen...they have done some enhancements to the hanger now and have made a couple more things interactive. Flight is still difficult but with the lack of any other game to spend time on, I'm getting better at it....and let's face's still only Alpha.

Been spending quite a bit of time in BF4 and enjoying the hell out of it. Getting much better and learning the maps, which is always the key to success in any FPS, I have found myself in a clan "Area 51 gamers" and have come to know a few of the regulars. It's free and keeps me occupied and is not something that I need to commit 4 hrs at a time to which is nice with so many home projects going on.

SWGemu Exile server is dead?

Oldbugss, Aug 15, 14 11:45 PM.
I went on vacation for a couple of weeks and I came back to something that was not quite surprising as much as it was inevitable. Exile has gone down and the forums/website has been disabled.
It isn't looking good and that lack of information sure doesn't assure a continuation of this project.

Where do we go from here? Basilisk? I cannot say. I do have a toon there but, not much time can be spent on that until winter. What are you guys up to?


Tevi, Jul 14, 14 10:59 AM.
Looks like a great mix of tastefully campy plus great puzzle-based crafting meets comicy style artwork.


Tevi, Jul 14, 14 10:56 AM.

Archeage is coming

Oldbugss, Mar 25, 14 1:50 PM.

This vid isn't the most exciting one you can find but it is official. It details some pretty cool aspects of
this soon to come game. Sign up for beta! It looks like it will be here way before the Repopulation.
Watch some of the action vids on Youtube to get an idea.
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